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Corinne Zimmermann Sugimura
Certified Ayur-Yoga Therapist




Welcome to Yogadojo

Yogadojo offers a holistic and unique form of yoga training benefitting both the body and mind. Through its varied manifestations, yoga can help one precisely align their individual needs and goals. The spectrum of yoga’s effects spans a multitude of benefits from a heightened sense of wellbeing, equilibrium and vitality to both mental and physical power and flexibility.

Hailing from the world of martial arts and yoga, as a yoga therapist I embrace the essences of both and integrate them into my practice, the idea of which is to lead people towards a place of both spiritual and physical health. The countless hours I spent in a dojo (a training space for Japanese martial arts) as an experienced Karate practitioner and trainer have enabled me to hone my awareness of how we move and feel our bodies, as well as understand the significance of mental strength. I combine these factors unique to martial arts with my yoga practice to offer an effective form of training and therapy.

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