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Corinne Zimmermann Sugimura
Certified Ayur-Yoga Therapist




Since the age of twelve, karate has been a central presence in my life taking the form of training and participation in both national and international tournaments. My passion for this sport propelled me into attaining the fourth „Dan“ awarded by the Japan Karate Association, under the supervision of Sensei Hideo Ochi, which, in turn, has led to my being an active karate teacher to both children and adults. My fascination with the sport’s country of origin, Japan, moved me to pursue a degree in Japanology at the University of Zurich, which consequently paved the way for my future career.

In 2006, my need to counterbalance the intensity of karate training brought me to yoga. It was not long before I realised that yoga yielded not only physical well being, but also spiritual equilibrium and clarity. Yoga soon became a crucial counterpart to the stress of my working life and the strains my preferred sports put on my body.


Captivated by my enthusiasm for the effects of yoga and the resulting importance of it in my life, I decided to learn more about its background. After two years of training in Ayur-Yoga, I graduated with a teaching diploma under the supervision of the renowned yoga therapist Remo Rittiner. His powerful treatment methods inspired me to write my own next chapter, to deepen my knowledge and undertake a further two years of training to qualify as an Ayur-Yoga therapist. In combination with my martial arts background, my work as a yoga therapist has let me build a unique niche from which to share my comprehensive knowledge and experience.

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