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Corinne Zimmermann Sugimura
Certified Ayur-Yoga Therapist




Personal Yoga entails highly effective individual lessons based on your individual needs and abilities. The content of your training will work towards nullifying the effects of the constant stress endured in your working environment or of physical strain encountered through rigorous sporting activities.


Yoga is known to help undo the constant heavy load and tension we place ourselves under - whether physical or mental. Yoga is a gentle and efficient healing method, meaning your overall performance remains in tact and there is no fear of lasting impairment.

The active relaxation encouraged by yoga practice serves as a health treatment, as a means of consciously increasing vitality, strength and flexibility. Overall, it promotes an improvement in one’s own awareness of their body and its needs.


Personal Yoga, taking the form of one-to-one support, enables the yoga instructor to provide goal-orientated training sessions in line with your personal schedule. Expectations of success are defined and achieved together.

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